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I can turn my writing skills to many subjects and genres.

Here's some of my writing that I really like.


Curious about what I do and how?

Frog Fantasy

How I created a tattoo design for a client who loves frogs 

Editing Poetry

What it was like editing Anne Kellas's 
The White Room Poems

The Secret of Adley Castle

A client's thoughts on self-publishing her novel for children 

Ode to the Plate

What restaurant reviewing is really like…

Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation

My review of an intriguing book
I proofread for The Simplicity Institute

Remnants of Paradise

All of Life is Change

Mindfulness Meditation

A Simpler Way



Lipstick & Ochre



The Guinea Pig Trilogy

Sacred Places and Earthly Paradises

Half-Moon Rising


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