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I created using the content management system called Plone.

A technician set up the basic structure and style of the website, which I then organised and populated. This means that an expert in programming HTML did the coding work. Thank you, Neal.

I created a banner (the top part of the website that appears on every page) to announce clearly and simply the purpose of the website.

I decided on the top level navigation tabs (Home, About, Writing, etc) to give me an outline and structure.

I wrote the content for these pages first, and as the website developed, wrote more content and added pages to allow for secondary navigation levels. The website now has over 60 pages.

It was important to make navigation easy and logical.

My website continues to develop and change as I add new material and find better ways to communicate.

Thank you to Jonathan Pugh at for organising my domain name. My website is hosted with and backed up by

Commissioned by Skeers-Jerrim during the development of the site prior to launching.

My brief included populating the site with content (text) using a content management system, and editing the text as needed. I then tested the site by checking links, navigation and the shopping cart.

I was required to write some content, but most of the content was pre-written and supplied.


I wrote, edited and populated the Caffé Dell' Isola website for the owners using

Squarespace offers self-managed websites. I chose a template, modified spacing and colours to suit, created pages and used the content editor to place text, photos (supplied by the client), maps and forms.

My design and typesetting knowledge came in handy as the template allowed some flexibility. Control of the website was then passed to the client. The gallery page included an automated slide show and the maps were interactive on the live site.

The site has since acquired new owners who have changed it.