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Here are some of the inspiring, interesting and beautiful books I have helped bring to publication.
You'll see details of my role in the small print.


Only the Empty Sky

By Russell Kelly, Hobart, Tasmania (Balboa Press 2015).

Historical fiction • 192 pages
• proofreading

Maningrida: A History of the Aboriginal Township in Arnhemland

By Helen Bond-Sharp, Howard Springs, Northern Territory, Australia (Helen Bond-Sharp 2013)

Non-fiction, history • 308 pages
• proofreading

Notes from a Headmaster's Desk: The Challenges of Education, Parenting and Teenagers

By Marc Falconer, Johannesburg, South Africa (Macmillan 2013)

Non-fiction; anecdotes and reflections on the business of teaching • 247 pages
• structural editing

Stone Age Secrets for Mind and Body

By Claire Bell, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Amazon 2013)

Non-fiction • 120 pages • proofreading, structural editing

Due Inheritance: Reviving the Cultural and Economic Wellbeing of First Australians

By Ted Egan AO, Darwin, Australia (Niblock Publishing 2008)

Non-fiction • 149 pages • proofreading, cover brief with blurb

A Guide to Cruising Northern Australia: Anchorages, Cairns to Darwin (5th edition)

By Leslie Richards, Darwin, Australia (Niblock Publishing 2008)

Non-fiction • 326 pages • proofreading

A Guide to Cruising Northern Australia: Anchorages, Darwin to Carnarvon (3rd edition)

By Leslie Richards, Darwin, Australia (Niblock Publishing 2008)

Non-fiction • 252 pages • proofreading, formatting, checking final proofs

Ethnic Minority Youth in Australia: Challenges and Myths

Edited by Carmel Guerra & Rob White, Hobart, Tasmania (National Clearinghouse for Youth Studies Publishing 1995)

Non-fiction, research • 244 pages • book design, copyediting, formatting, proofreading

The White Room Poems

By Anne Kellas, Hobart, Tasmania (Walleah Press 2015)

Poetry • 100 pages • structural advice, proofreading, formatting, cover design


Into Your Meditation: Metaphors on Essential Elements of a Meditation Practice

By Noelle Vignola, Colorado, US ( 2015)

A collection of daily contemplations for home meditation practice • 300 pages • structural editing, copyediting

Do Share Inspire: The Year I Changed My Life Through TED Talks

By Kylie Dunn, Hobart, Tasmania (Ingram Sparks 2015)

Based on the blog: My Year of TED • 200 pages • proofreading

One Percent Yoga

By Scott Rennie, Edinburgh, Scotland (Amazon 2014)

Yoga manual for home practise • 175 pages • proofreading


Entropia: Life Beyond Industrial Civilisation

By Samuel Alexander, Australia (Simplicity Institute Publishing 2013)

Adult fiction • 204 pages • proofreading


The Secret of Adley Castle

By Carina Coles, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (Carina Coles 2013)

Children's novel • 190 pages • copyediting, proofreading, ebook formatting (Kindle, iPad, print-on-demand), cover design