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Editing for schools



• showcase good literacy
• meet community expectations
• present a professional public image
• enhance publications and theses


Working in a school is demanding. And you want your school to look good and communicate well with students, parents, staff and other schools.

An editor can lighten your load by preparing and checking your school's written materials for you: websites, prospectuses, school magazines, brochures and more.

If students are to value literacy, their school needs to showcase good literacy

Your school magazine is a showcase of your school's best: the achievements, the excellence, the community, the fun. Make sure it also showcases good writing, by using an editor to copyedit or proofread it.


Meeting community expectations

The community has high expectations of teachers and schools because you are seen as the experts.

I can proofread your written materials to reduce embarrassing errors.


Effective promotional materials and a professional public image

Your school's promotional materials are the public face of your school. Mistakes or poor grammar in these undermine your school's credibility.

I am skilled at producing and checking promotional materials like websites, prospectuses and brochures.


Research, textbooks, curriculum materials

I edit textbooks, study guides and research papers in the field of education. I can help with textbook structure, plain language use, consistent and appropriate styles, and proofreading.

If you are studying for a Masters or Doctorate, I can copyedit your thesis.