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Clear communication = understanding



Kylie Dunn: 

'I'm incredibly grateful to Merridy for her skill and professionalism editing my book, Do Share Inspire: The Year I Changed My Life Through TED Talks.' 

Noelle Vignola: 

'Honestly, working with Merridy Pugh was a huge godsend in my publishing process for Into Your Meditation She took all the pressure off and made the process straightforward and easy on me.'

Clear communication is important. It helps us understand one another, a task made challenging in a global environment where people speak many languages and come from diverse backgrounds.

Good writing is clear writing.

Clear writing enhances the power of narrative.

Clear writing is critical in education, where complex concepts are taught – and in research and academia, where complex ideas are explored and disseminated.

I aim for simplicity, clarity and precision in my writing and in editing other writers’ work.



Do you need an editor?

Yes – if clarity and credibility are important to you.

Editing improves the impact of any story. An editor can help with your written material, checking for correct language use, consistency and flow. This can save time and money by fixing mistakes before publication. It can prevent embarrassing errors and maintain your credibility as an individual, institution or business.




Do you need a writer?

Yes – if you need good written content and writing is not your area of expertise.

A professional writer can help you get your message across to customers or clients. A writer can supply content for materials like brochures, blogs and websites.




Good artwork complements and enhances good writing. Illustrations, book covers, and book design are important considerations. The impact of a website depends on its design and visual components.

I am skilled in elements of design, photography and illustration and can help you choose appropriate artwork for your publication.




• fiction and non-fiction books
• children's and adult literature
• poetry, prose
• websites and blogs
• articles, profiles, reviews
theses, textbooks, study materials